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The Automation Systems Center (until 06 April 2015 - PetrSU-Metso Automation Systems Center) was founded in September, 2002 with the assistance of Metso Automation Inc (Finland) on the basis of Northern European Open University PetrSU and the department of applied mathematic and cybernetics of PetrSU. The main goal of the Center creation is rising of the efficiency of department work in accordance with customer enterprise and organization agreements.

Web-portal of "cloud" services for optimal production planning has been started.

Web-portal of "Opti-Soft" company with "cloud" services for optimal production planning has been started.
The services were developed with participation of ASC.


metsoDNA training courses
From 5 to 7 may courses were held for specialists Metso Automation Inc. (Saint Petersburg): "Metso DNA Maintenance course".

metsoDNA training courses
From 22 april to 1 may courses were held for specialists ILIM group (Bratsk) and Ltd. "APS" (Petrozavodsk): "Metso DNA advanced engineering".

metsoDNA training courses
From 6 to 14 april courses were held for specialists Ltd. "Sibur Automation": "Metso DNA Maintenance course", "Metso DNA Basic course".

Automation Systems Center
Since 06 April, according to order #77 of Rector of PetrSU, PetrSU-Metso Automation Systems Center will be renamed to Automation Systems Center due to increased number of customers and partners, and with approval of Metso Automation. This change in the name does not affect existing contracts with Metso Automation and other customers, because the Center is a unit of PetrSU without rights of a legal entity, and in all cases the party to the contracts is PetrSU as such.

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