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Shabaev Anton Igorevich, Director, Ph.D.(tech), Docent, M.Sc.(math), M.Sc.(tech)

Main responsibilities: strategic development and management, contractual issues, consulting.

Phone: (8142) 71 96 11
Mobile: +7 911 402 9651

Kositsyn Dmitry Petrovich, Deputy director, Ph.D.(tech), M.Sc.(math)

Main reponsibilities: managing the operation of Enterprise Managements Systems group, consulting, ERP systems, CASE tools


Phone: (8142) 57 21 40
Mobile: +7 9217 263685

Kuznetsov Vladimir Alekseevich, manager of Technological processes and systems modeling group, Doctor of technical sciences, professor, Honorary actor of science of Republic of Karelia

Main responsibilities: scientific consultant on optimization theory, mathematical modeling, etc. Human resource management.


Lobov Dmitry Borisovich, manager of Process Control Systems Department.

Main responsibilities: project execution, training specialitss, coordination of contacts with customers.


Phone: (8142) 57 21 40
Mobile: +7 911 411 3548

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